Defined Contribution Plan Consulting


When working with plan sponsors, we often begin with determining the best structure for their 401(k) plan. Specific services include:

  • Evaluation of service providers (bundled, unbundled, alliances)
  • Plan Investment Structure – determining the number and types of options to offer
  • Request for Proposal Design and Implementation
  • Investment Option Search and Evaluation
  • Ongoing Performance Evaluation of Investment Options
  • Design of Employee Education and Communications Programs, detailed below

Employee Education and Communications

A number of Chartwell’s 401(k) clients engage us to develop and conduct employee investment education and ongoing communications meetings. Virtually all defined contribution service providers include initial enrollment meetings as part of their full-service platform offerings. Some will conduct periodic update meetings at the request of clients, particularly if there have been substantial changes to the plan or the addition of many new employees/participants.

Despite the ready availability of DC service provider education and employee communication programs, Chartwell has often been asked to create and deliver customized investment education programs for the employees of our defined contribution plan clients. Our clients and their employees have found the DC provider programs to be lacking in communicating the best information/education to plan participants regarding how they should manage their own accounts.

As a result, a number of our clients have engaged Chartwell to provide semi-annual or annual investment education meetings. We customize the programs based on information our clients provide us regarding the pressing issues at their organizations. Examples of the investment themes we have covered for a variety of clients in the past include:

  • Retirement Planning Tools to Use in Your 401(k) Account
  • Managing Risk Through Diversification
  • Managing Your 401(k) Account in Down Markets
  • Style and Size Matter – An Introduction to Asset Classes